About Us

Our dentist

 Dr. Vincent Lin attended UCLA for undergraduate and received DDS degree from University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2003.  He practiced in the Chicago suburb area for the past 10 years and is well-liked and respected by his patients.   

Unlike  some other dentists, Dr. Lin is approachable and always explains  patient's questions in easy-to-understand common terms.  He has always  kept his skill up to date by attending many continuing education  courses.  

Now, with experience and passion, Dr. Lin is opening his own office to provide better services to patients.   

Better dental care with Digital technology

We strive  to provide a clean facility with state-of-the-art equipments to provide  the best services for our patients.  Our strict infection control and  sterilization process meet or exceed OSHA and ADA regulations.

Patient  who has been transferred between medical or dental offices often  notices that duplicated documents and copied x-rays have lost their  original qualities and thus making them incomprehensible by other  physicians trying to interpret the data.  Our fully computerized system  provides an excellent communicating platform among patients, our office,  and specialists to solve this problem.  Because everything is digital, there is no reduction in the viewing clarity of either documents or images.  

Furthermore, for those concerning excessive exposure to dental x-ray's radiation, our top quality digital x-ray system can reduce patient's x-ray exposure by as much as 90%


Secure private information

We use the latestest technology to keep your private information safe.  Patient confidentiality is secured with 128-bit encryption and we will  never share your information unless is allowed by government's HIPAA  regulation.