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We provide the following dental services

We practice in the whole spectrum of general dentistry.  To learn more about these procedures, please click on Patient Education.  
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Exam, Digital x-ray
Comprehensive exam checks not only your teeth, but also your gum and bone condition.  Visual oral cancer screening.
We  strive to have the most advanced technology in our office.  Our digital  x-ray system not only reduce your x-ray exposure by at least 60-90%,  but it helps to eliminate the use of some toxic materials that are  harmful to our environment.  Further, with the ability to enlarge and  enhance x-ray images, you can even see cavities on the tv screen in each  treatment room.

Regular cleaning and Deep cleaning
Poor oral hygiene is associated with an increase in diabete, cardiac disease, and premature birth for pregnant women.

Tooth  color (composite) or Silver color (amalgam) fillings are used depending  on your special needs.  Ask our dentist to see which type is better for  each unique case.

Root canal treatment
When  a cavity advances into the nerve (pulp), the nerve can becomes  necrotic (dead) and causing an infection.  This infection is usually  associated with much pain and swelling.  Root canal treatment is  one great way to solve this problem by removing the necrotic tissue  inside the tooth, with success rate of about 90% percent.   
A crown is needed to protect weakened tooth structure when extensive cavity or broken tooth are presented.

Bridge and Partial Denture 
Depending  on your existing oral condition, our dentist will discuss with you on  the pro and con of doing either a bridge or a removable denture

Extraction and Full Denture
We perform extractions as needed and also for orthodontic (braces) reasons. 
Full denture is designed for edentulous (no teeth) patients.

Emergency service
During our normal business hours, we promise to see your emergency case on the same day!

Get whiter teeth with our professional in-office whitening.   Get result in 60 minutes.


We provide various bonding (composite) restorations to improve your smile

Implant service
We work closely with Periodontists or Oral Surgeons to place implants and implants supported crowns for your missing teeth

We  try to do most of the treatments in our clinic.  Sometimes however,  treatments may be referred to specialists to serve the best interests of  our patients.